Student Officer Team 2014

Clara Martín

Secretary General


Clara is currently a senior and a full IB Diploma Candidate at the American School of Barcelona, which she has been a part of since the age of three. Born and raised in Barcelona, Clara feels great love for her city but has always been an avid traveller and has had great curiosity for cultures different from her own. Clara speaks fluent English, Spanish and Catalan, and has been studying German and French outside of her school classroom for almost eight years. She credits her understanding of the world, her open-mindedness and her eagerness to collaborate with others to experiences such as MUN. Having been a delegate, chair, and now Secretary General, Clara feels as though BCNMUN 2014 will be a stimulating and memorable conference for all, and looks forward to fruitful and productive debate as well as many newfound friendships between attendees.

William Robert

Head of Administrative Staff


Will is a Junior at the American School of Barcelona. He is a citizen of both the United States and Japan and has lived in the USA, Australia and Spain. Music and sports are among his greatest passions. He enjoys basketball and jammin’ in his free time. Last year, he was a member of the Administrative Staff of the BCNMUN Conference and enjoyed the experience as he met many new people and learned about various global issues. He looks forward to collaborating with new faces of BCNMUN 2014 and to a successful conference overall.

Xènia Campà

Head of Administrative Staff


Xènia Campàs is a junior and an IB Diploma Candidate at the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Barcelona but lived four years of her life in Caracas, Venezuela. Xènia fluently speaks three languages: Catalan, English and Spanish while learning both French and German. She has participated in five conferences as a delegate, changing it last year to become an Administration Staff member for the BCNMUN conference. This year Xènia looks forward to participating in the BCNMUN conference to help the conference be as fruitful as possible.

General Assembly

Elisa Barkan



Elisa is currently a senior and full IB diploma candidate at the American School of Barcelona. Born in the United States, and thereafter based in Europe, she has strongly been influenced by both European and American cultures. Elisa is trilingual, speaking fluent English, Spanish, and Catalan. She is currently studying German and has studied French in the past. She has a passion for traveling and meeting new people, desiring a global experience. Elisa was originally drawn towards Model United Nations for the opportunity of it provides in debating issues of global importance where real-life politics are simulated. Elisa was also interested MUN’s use of consensus-building to solve demanding global and humanitarian issues. Having participated as a delegate in conferences such as IMUN and THIMUN, and having chaired in BCNMUN 2013, Elisa feels she is ready to do her position justice, and looks forward to fruitful debate within her committee and the conference as a whole.


Ugur Unal

Deputy Chair


Ugur is a senior at FMV Ayazaga Isik High School in Istanbul, Turkey. He attended all previous conferences as a delegate and is going to be chairing for the first time. He also loves to do charity work and is a member of the Interact club besides the MUN club at his school. This is his fourth year in the MUN club. He speaks English and German at an A2 level. His hobbies include playing football, watching films, playing videogames and he works out at the gym during his free time. Ugur enjoys following ongoing issues around the world. BCNMUN will he his last MUN conference, so he is looking forward to working hard and achieving the best to present the participants with an MUN experience for a lifetime.


Emma Goss

Deputy Chair


Emma Goss is now in her final year of the IB at Herlufsholms Kostskole in Denmark. She grew up in Kenya before moving to Denmark in 2010. Emma has been an active member of the school’s MUN club for three years, participating in G-MUN in Qatar in February 2013 where she received an award for best delegate in the G20 committee. Emma will be returning to Barcelona this year as she served as a student officer in the Disarmament Commission at BCNMUN 2013. Emma finds the world of diplomacy and debating fascinating and believes it is a vital part of any student’s education. She relishes the opportunity to discuss pressing, real world issues during MUN. Emma’s other passions lie mainly in the world of science, with interests ranging from astronomy to zoology and almost everything in between. Emma is looking forward to fruitful and gripping debating in the General Assembly, where she will be the expert chair on the issue of rolling back malaria in developing countries, particularly in Africa.


Disarmament Commission

Madeline Lawrence



Maddie is currently a senior and an IB Diploma Candidate at the American School of Barcelona, where she has been a student since sophomore year. Born in the United States, Maddie is a proud Philadelphian and lover of debating world issues, most especially MUN. Her passions in MUN far surpass this conference, dating back almost four years ago. Aside from being a dedicated delegate, she is also a representative in her school’s Student Council, volleyball player, debater, and public speaker. Madeline looks forward to a stimulating BCNMUN 2014. Furthermore, she would like to note that while fun is an important part of any MUN conference, it shouldn’t come at the price of quality and performance. She is looking forward to constructive and fruitful debate.


Lucy Donaldson

Deputy Chair


Lucy is currently a senior and full IB diploma candidate at the American School of Barcelona. Being half Spanish and half British she likes to think of herself as a citizen of Europe with strong ideals about what the world should be like and an equally strong ambition to turn those ideals into reality. Her enthusiasm about solving the issues affecting the nations and their people worldwide was the main drive for her joining Model United Nations for the first time in her ninth grade year. She participated as a delegate at the first Barcelona Model United Nations in November 2013, and was also a delegate of the THICAD commission in The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN). She is also part of the New European Speech, Debate and Acting association as she enjoys all matters related to public speaking and providing entertainment for an audience.Outside school she enjoys reading, painting and travelling above all things and is a proud supporter of Greenpeace.


Beatrice Hornstein

Deputy Chair


Beatrice is currently a junior, studying at Benjamin Franklin International School for her seventh year. She was born in Barcelona, but lived in Germany shortly. She has been a part of the Model United Nations club at her school for three years now, holding the position of Secretary General of the BFISMUN club. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people and learning about their cultures. After attending SPIMUN (St Petersburg) during her first year of MUN, she attended BCNMUN (representing the Russian Federation) and HMUN (Harvard) last year. Beatrice looks forward to an inspiring conference and to giving a chance to all the delegates to show their amazing skills.


Human Rights Commission

Lucía Muntadas



Lucia is currently a junior at the American School of Barcelona. Born in Barcelona with an American maternal family, she is exposed to international influences on a daily basis with colleagues from Russia, France, Germany, United States, Argentina, Venezuela and Spain. Lucia first started in a Model UN elective in 8th grade and enjoyed it from the very beginning. She strongly admires MUN’s ability to build young people’s self esteem, public speaking abilities and common knowledge about current events occurring all over the world. Having participated in 7 conferences as both delegate and co-chair, she looks forwards to chairing in the Human Rights Committee of the II Barcelona Model United nations, and hopes for a very productive and memorable debate for all.


Melisa Isik

Deputy Chair


Melisa was born and raised in İstanbul, the most prominent and developed city of Turkey. She is currently a senior in FMV Özel Ayazağa Işık High School. Since her early ages she has been academically successful and interested in multiple courses. Among them, English, Biology and Math have always been her favorites and she hopes to pursue a career in the field of medicine. Nevertheless, she is truly passionate about rhetoric, public speaking, critical thinking and activities of such a kind as debating and MUN which combine all of the aforementioned three in forming a meaningful conclusion. In the second half of her junior year she won the debating tournament organized by the English Speaking Union in Turkey. In addition to the serious work she carries in high school, Melisa enjoys spending time on music and skiing in her leisure time. All in all, with her wish to contribute to the protection of all human’s rights and worldwide peace she is honored to be a part of the MUN society which includes many young people with wisdom beyond her ages. She is looking forward to an influential experience at BCNMUN 2014.


Angelina Kozhokar

Deputy Chair


Angelina is a junior at the American School of Barcelona. Originally from Russia, she lived most of her life in Spain. She participated in five MUN conferences in the past as a delegate, and she is very excited for her first time chairing this BCNMUN. She started participating in the Model United Nations to reach out to new people and experiences, and ended up drawn into a hobby. She hopes for the same outcome for all the newcoming delegates this year. Angelina finds It is fascinating to debate, especially in such an international environment, with so many different mentalities and points of view.


Security Council

Zoe von Gerlach



Zoe is currently a Junior at the American School of Barcelona. She is originally from Germany, but has lived in Barcelona for 7 years now. She is an experienced delegate having participated in many different forums representing a range of different countries and debating an even larger range of different global issues. She enjoys and values MUN for the cultural exchanges made, and for addressing world issues with the goal of solving them diplomatically. She has been a delegate, chair, and is also currently helping to teach the Middle School MUN program at her school. She is incredibly excited for the 2nd Barcelona Model United Nations Conference, and is looking forward to productive and fun debates.


Hugo Madge

Deputy Chair


Hugo Madge is an 11th grader and an IB Diploma Candidate at the American School of Barcelona and has been part of the ASB community for three years. Hugo holds both British and Spanish nationalities, making him fluent in Spanish and English. Born in Spain, lived in Malaysia, and raised in various international schools he has had the opportunity to experience many different cultures. Hugo is a regular member of ASB’s basketball team and has also recently competed in the International History Bee & Bowl hosted by ASB, qualifying for the European championships. BCNMUN 2014 will be Hugo’s 5th conference and first time chairing, for which he is very excited about and hopes to make it his best conference to date.

Defne Cezayirli

Deputy Chair


Defne is a senior at her school, Sisli Terakki, in Istanbul. Born and raised in the United States, she is one of the few international students in her school, as both a Turkish and an American citizen. She will spend her last year of high school applying to colleges in the United States, along with taking part in organizing her school’s very first MUN conference in 2015 as the Secretary General, which she will attend the year after her graduation. During her four years in MUN, she has taken part in some of the most prominent conferences, such as SAIMUN in Dublin and IMUN in Lisbon as ambassador. After her experiences at DACKAMUN 2013 as one of the co-chairs of the Human Rights Committee and the President of the Security Council at MILANMUN 2014, she is grateful for the opportunity to co-chair the Security Council at BCNMUN 2015 as her seventh conference. She looks forward to meeting competent delegates and chairing conducive debates at this years’ BCNMUN conference, and hopes for an unforgettable experience for every participant.