Student Officer Team 2015

Zoe Von Gerlach

Secretary General 


Zoe is currently a senior an full IB Diploma candidate at the American School of Barcelona. She is originally from Germany, but has lived in Barcelona for 7 years.  An experienced delegate, she has participated in many different forums representing a range of different delegations and debating an even larger range of different global issues. She enjoys and values MUN for the cultural exchanges made, and for addressing world conflicts with the goal of solving them diplomatically. Having been a delegate and chair, Zoe is currently helping to teach the Middle School MUN program at her school. She is incredibly excited for the 3rd Barcelona Model United Nations Conference, and is looking forward to productive and fun debates.

Xènia Campàs

Deputy Secretary General 


Xènia is a senior and a full IB Diploma Candidate at the American School of Barcelona. Having been born in Barcelona she has been strongly touched by her love towards this city. However, after living in Caracas, Venezuela for four years, she has also been influenced by the Venezuelan culture. Her influence from such different countries has allowed her to develop a strong interest for the variety of cultures of the world. Xènia fluently speaks three languages: Catalan, English and Spanish while learning both French and German. She has participated in seven MUN conferences, which have permitted her to express her opinion as well as her hope to see a change in the world. Xènia has been a delegate, an Administration Staff member as well as Head of Admin Staff, which made her understand all aspects of MUN. She hopes to put all of her experience to use in order to make BCNMUN 2015 a fruitful and productive conference.

Will Robert

Head of Administrative Staff 


Will is a senior at the American School of Barcelona. He is a citizen of both the United States and Japan and has lived in the USA, Australia and Spain. Music and sports are among his greatest passions. He enjoys basketball and jammin’ in his free time. Last year, he was a Head of Administration Staff while the previous year he was a member of the Administrative Staff for the first BCNMUN Conference. Will enjoyed these experiences as he met many new people and learned about various global issues. He looks forward to collaborating with new faces at BCNMUN 2015 and to a successful conference overall.

Eleanora Kuklina

Head of Administrative Staff 


Ela is a senior and a full IB Diploma Candidate at the American School of Barcelona. She was born and raised in Russia and moved to Barcelona when she was 12 years old. Her first language is Russian, however, she is fluent in English, and is learning Spanish. Her identity is partially made up of Russian conservative principles and partially of European liberal qualities. She has been influenced by the variety of cultures that she has encountered throughout her life that taught her to be more open towards new people and things. She has participated in the previous BCNMUN conference, which allowed her to see the hard work and dedication which created engaging discussions and a successful conference overall. Ela has been an Administration Staff member before and is looking forward to making the BCNMUN 2015 Conference as productive and successful as possible as the Head of Administrative Staff.

General Assembly

Lucía Muntadas-Prim



Lucia is currently a senior at the American School of Barcelona. Born in Barcelona with an American maternal family, she is exposed to international influences on a daily basis with colleagues from Russia, France, Germany, United States, Japan, Argentina, Venezuela and Spain. Lucia first started in a Model UN elective in 8th grade and enjoyed it from the very beginning. She strongly admires MUN’s ability to build young people’s self esteem, public speaking abilities and common knowledge about current events occurring all over the world. Having participated in 9 conferences as delegate and deputy chair and president, she looks forwards to chairing in the General Assembly of the III Barcelona Model United nations, and hopes for a very productive and memorable debate for all.

Kenzy Fahmi


Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 15.20.44

Kenzy is currently a senior and a full IB diploma candidate at the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Egypt, but has lived in Paris for 3 years and in Italy for 5 years. Living in Egypt during the revolution has inspired her to take action to be able to make a different improvements in our society. This is her first year in Barcelona. She is an experienced delegate and she has participated in multiple conferences in her old school in Cairo. She has been doing MUN since grade 9 and she thinks that it is one of the best high school experiences she has ever had. She truly has a passion in discussing issues and conflicts that are happening in the world. She is also interested into studying Global Politics in her university studies. Kenzy has been a delegate 3 times and a chair twice and she still enjoys it. This is her first year to participate in BCNMUN as a chair in General Assembly and she is looking forward to having a great MUN experience. As Mahatma Gandhi once said- ‘there is no path to peace, peace is the path’.

Cristina Llorach


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Cristina is currently a senior and full IB Diploma Candidate at the Benjamin Franklin International School, which she has been a part of since the age of twelve. Born and raised in Barcelona, she loves her city and being with her family and friends. She has been part of the MUN club for four years now, holding the position of Under Secretary General of Communications and Technology in BFISMUN. After attending BCNMUN for two years and being part of the HAGAMUN, Cristina looks forward to an inspiring conference and to give a chance to all delegates to show their amazing skills.

International Peace and Security

Katja Osterwalder



Katja is a senior and a full IB Diploma Candidate at the American School of Barcelona (ASB). This is her second year at ASB; she has Swiss and United Sates roots, which help explain why she speaks both German and English.. Her exposure of growing up as a Swiss-American who has lived in numerous countries has influenced her greatly, since she sees the world as a whole and thinks that politics is a way and means to make a difference in the world. MUN has cemented her love for politics and international relations, which she hopes to further study in university. This is Katja’s fifth MUN conference and first time chairing; having participated in conferences like THIMUN and PAMUN, she feels that she is ready to do her position justice. With her passion for politics and conscientious efforts to resolve international disputes, she hopes to facilitate a dynamic and engaging debate at BCNMUN 2015.

Angelina Kozhokar 



Angelina is a senior IB diploma candidate at the American School of Barcelona (ASB) . She has lived in Barcelona for ten years, and has attended ASB for six. She is originally from Russia, but having grown up outside her home country she got to experience an international environment, and this is one of the main reasons why she loves participating in MUN. She speaks fluently five languages and enjoys keeping track of international journalistic activity on politics and economics. She has participated in nine conferences and is an experienced chair and delegate. She excitedly looks forward to BCNMUN 2015, and hopes the delegates will learn a great deal about debate and meet a lot of new friends.

Lara Rodriguez 



Born and raised in Barcelona, Lara is currently a senior and a full IB Diploma candidate at Benjamin Franklin International School, having been there since she was three. Lara has grown up in a diverse, multicultural environment, allowing her to become an open-minded person that enjoys meeting new people and learning about them. Her passion is to comprehend the world from political, economic and humanitarian aspects, all of which make her relish the whole MUN experience. She has participated as a delegate and ambassador in several forums representing different countries and debating on many current global issues at various conferences, including all BCNMUN conferences. Lara has been a member of the MUN club for four years, currently holding the position of Under Secretary General of Training at her school. She looks forward to an enriching conference full of exciting debates and spirited debaters.


Beatrice Hornstein


FullSizeRender (3)

Beatrice is currently a senior, studying at Benjamin Franklin International School for her eighth year. She was born in Barcelona, but lived in Germany the first years of her life. She has been a part of the Model United Nations club at her school for four years now, holding the position of Secretary General of the BFISMUN club for the second year in a row. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people and learning about their cultures. After attending SPIMUN (St Petersburg) during her first year of MUN, she attended BCNMUN (representing the Russian Federation) and HMUN (Harvard), as well as GeMUN. Beatrice looks forward to an inspiring conference and to giving a chance to all the delegates to show their amazing skills.

Diego Tanton



Diego is a junior and a full IB Diploma Candidate at the American School of Barcelona.  While originally from the United States and Colombia, he has had the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona for the past two years.  This time spent away from his homeland has exposed him to a variety of European cultures and has caused him to develop a more keen interest in world affairs.  Diego is very enthusiastic about MUN, and sees it as a conduit for enhancing international awareness and cultivating peer-to-peer cooperation.  He has been an active and motivated participant for many MUN conferences so far and is excited to fully apply himself and share his experience at BCNMUN 2015.

Alvaro Farras 



Álvaro is a senior in the Spanish Baccalaureate Program at the American School of Barcelona. He was born in Barcelona and has lived in Canada and Seville, where he is rooted. He has attended several forums as a student officer, admin staff and delegate, representing several delegations and engaging different issues. Álvaro is currently an active member of the Popular Party, a liberal centre-right party that represents his concerns for global and national issues. He enjoys MUN conferences and hopes that BCNMUN 2015 is successful in addressing global issues and culturally enriching for its participants.

Security Council

Maria Paula Hernandez


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 17.37.48

Maria Paula is a junior and a full IB diploma candidate at the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Colombia but has lived in Barcelona for 14 years. She loves travelling, all kinds of sports, and has been involved in MUN for 4; these opportunities have opened her eyes to a wide range of cultures and experiences. She wholeheartedly believes that achieving lasting peace in the world is possible, and knows that MUN is an important step towards creating a generation that can reach it. She looks forward to a successful BCNMUN 2015 and cannot wait to meet all the delegates and hear their incredible ideas to change the world.

Hugo Madge 



Hugo Madge is a 12th grader and IB Diploma Candidate at the American School of Barcelona (ASB) and has been part of the ASB community for four years. Hugo holds both British and Spanish nationalities, making him fluent in both languages, and experienced in others. Being born in Spain, having lived in Malaysia, and having attended various international schools he has had the opportunity and blessing to experience many different cultures and expand his international mindset. Hugo is a regular member of ASB’s basketball team and Model United Nations program, which have allowed him to grow in different areas, travel regularly, and build strong bonds with others. BCNMUN 2015 will not only be Hugo’s 7th conference and second time chairing, but it is likely to be his last high-school MUN experience, therefore he strives to make it his best conference to date.

Luis Amaro Mendes


Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 1.43.26 pm 1

Luís is a senior and full IB Diploma candidate at St. Julians School in Portugal. He is Portuguese but was born in the USA. He has lived in many countries across the world, including Colombia, Australia, and Hungary. Luís first started MUN in the 9th grade and has since represented various countries in both the Security Council and the General Assembly. He also has experience in chairing the Security Council. Luís is currently the president of his school’s MUN Club and is a strong believer in the ways in which the MUN programme develops students to become global citizens.